Investor Information

Revised Outcome of Board Meeting – 22.05.2017

Outcome of Board Meeting – 22.05.2017

Intimation of closure of trading window

Intimation of Board Meeting – 22.05.2017

Results of Postal Ballot

Outcome of Board Meeting – 27.04.2017

Intimation of Board Meeting – 27.04.2017

Shareholding Pattern 31.03.2017

Certificate from PCS_31.03.2017

Compliance Certificate from RTA 31.03.2017

Reconciliation of Share Capital Report 31.03.2017

Change in Website of Company

Corporate Governance Report- 31.03.2017

Statement of Investor Complaints- 31.03.2017

Disclosure under regulation 30 of SEBI (SAST) Regulation 2011

Notice of Postal Ballot

Intimation of Name Change of Company

Change in Contact Details of Company

Change in CIN pursuant to alteration in Object Clause

Outcome of Board Meeting- 21.03.2017

Results of Postal Ballot

Notice of Postal Ballot

Outcome of Board Meeting- 11.02.2017

Newspaper advertisement for intimation of Board Meeting – 11.02.2016

Notice of Postal Ballot

Newspaper Clipping for financial Results- Quarter ended 31.12.2016

Application for BSE approval for Change of Name

Reconciliation of share Capital Report- 31.12.2016

Statement of Investor Complaint- 31.12.2016

Corporate Governance Report- 31.12.2016

Outcome of Board Meeting- 14.01.2017

Intimation of Board Meeting- 14.01.2017

Newspaper Advertisement for declaration of unaudited financial results 

Outcome of Board Meeting 23.11.2016

Outcome of Board Meeting- 05.11.2016

Newspaper Advertisement for Board Meeting to be held on 05.11.2016

Intimation for Board Meeting- 05.11.2016

Correction Required in Corporate Information

Shareholding Pattern- 31.12.2016

Certificate from PCS- 30.09.2016

Compliance Certificate from RTA- 30.09.2016

Reconciliation of Share Capital Report- 30.09.2016

Statement of Investor Complaint- 30.09.2016

Corporate Governance Report- 30.09.2016

Voting Results of AGM- 2015-16

Proceedings of AGM- 2015-16

Annual Report- 2015-16

Newspaper Advertisement for AGM Notice & Annual Report

Intimation to BSE, RTA, CDSL & NSDl for Book Closure

Notice- AGM

Outcome of Board Meeting- 22.08.2016

Intimation of board Meeting- 22.08.2016

Outcome of EOGM- 12.08.2016   

Voting Results of EOGM -12.08.2016

Intimation of Board Meeting- 12.08.2016

Shareholding Pattern- 30.09.2016

Reconciliation of Share Capital Report- 30.06.2016

Statement of Investor Complaint- 30.06.2016

Intimation of Notice of EOGM- 12.08.2016

Outcome of Board Meeting- 12.08.2016

Corporate Governance Report- 30.06.2016

Outcome of Board Meeting -06.07.2016

Intimation of disqualification of Independent Director

Outcome of Board Meeting -24.06.2016

Change in CIN of Company

Intimation of Notice of EOGM- 11.07.2016

Contact Details of KMP

Outcome of Board Meeting -10.06.2016

Intimation of board meeting to be held on 10.06.2016 

appointment of Company Secretary & Compliance Officer and changes in board of directors

Outcome of Board Meeting – 30.05.2016

Intimation of Board Meeting to held on 30.05.2016

Outcome of Board Meeting-19.05.2016

Intimation of Board Meeting- 19.05.2016

Reconciliation of Share Capital Report- Quarter ended 31.03.2016

Certificate from RTA- 31.03.2016

Certificate from PCS under clause 47 (c)- 31.03.2016

Corporate Governance Report- 31.03.2016

Shareholding Pattern- 30.06.2016

Statement of Investor Complaints- 31.03.2016

Intimation of Postal Ballot Results

Postal Ballot Results- 01.04.2016

Outcome of Board Meeting- 01.04.2016

Outcome of Board Meeting- 20.02.2016

Intimation of Board Meeting- 20.02.2016

Outcome of Board Meeting-12.02.2016

Unaudited Financial Results- 31.12.2015

Intimation of Board meeting- 12.02.2016

Outcome of Board Meeting- 02.02.2016

Intimation of Board Meeting to be held on 02.02.2016

Authorization and Contact Details of KMP

Shareholding Pattern- 31.12.2015

Statement of Investor Complaints- 31.12.2015

Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report- 31.12.2015

Letter of Appointment- CFO

Board Resolution- 09.12.2015

Outcome of Board Meeting- 13.11.2015

Intimation of Board Meeting- 13.11.2015

Certificate from PCS under Clause 47 (c)- 30.09.2015

Shareholding Pattern- 30.09.2015

Reconciliation of share Capital Audit Report- 30.09.2015

Submission of MOA & AOA- Clause 33 of Listing Agreement

Voting Results- 34th AGM

Intimation of Proceedings- 34th AGM

34th Annual Report

Intimation of Book Closure- 34th AGM

Outcome of Board Meeting- 14.08.2015

Intimation of Board Meeting- 14.08.2015

Clause 49- Listing Agreement

Shareholding Pattern- 30.06.2015

Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report- 30.06.2015

Intimation of Policies of Company

Outcome of Board Meeting- 29.05.2015

Intimation of Board Meeting- 29.05.2015

Certificate from PCS under Clause 47 (c)- 31.03.2015

Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report- 31.03.2015

Shareholding Pattern- 31.03.2015

Financial Results- 31.03.2015

Outcome of Board Meeting- 07.04.2015

Intimation of Appointment of Company Secretary & Compliance officer

Outcome of Board Meeting- 11.02.2015

Intimation of Board Meeting- 11.02.2015

Minutes of EGM- 05.02.2015

Intimation of voting results of EGM- 05.02.2015

Outcome of Board Meeting- 05.02.2015

Shareholding Pattern- 31.12.2014

Outcome of Board Meeting- 08.01.2015

Unaudited Financial Results- 30.09.2014

Postal Ballot Results- 10.12.2014

Intimation of Postal Ballot Results

Outcome of Board Meeting- 10.11.2014

Outcome of Board Meeting- 08.11.2014

Outcome of Board Meeting- 30.09.2014