About Us

Panache Innovations Limited earlier known as Ruby Traders & Exporters Limited, is a BSE listed Company, engaged in the business of Trading, Manufacturing, Importing & Exporting of IT related products & Services. The company has recently started distribution and trading in the Consumer and Technology space.


Panache Innovation’s Audio Visual (AV) division is looking after the AV equipments for the consumer as well as the AV system integrators. The products and solutions are widely used for Home Entertainment, Corporate offices, Signage in Public places (Airports, Hotels, Malls, Train stations etc) to name a few. With India being the fastest growing economy there is a huge surge in the AV technology requirements especially in the Public Places.


With a vision to bring out technology and health in one space, AquaTatva alkaline water Ionizer will be launched soon. The first functional alkaline water Ionizer is being offered in the India. AquaTatva will be selling the most premium alkaline water Ionizer and has earned a credential position in its segment, created using a proprietary process that results in an electrolyte-enhanced water with 4 levels of alkaline, 1 neutral and 2 levels of acidic water in balanced proportion of required minerals by our body, without the use of any harmful chemicals or supplements, this powerful synergy between alkalinity, electrolytes, and minerals fuel ultimate balance, performance, and hydration.


Break the mold and be a part of the newest generation of hydration and lifestyle.